Do you need a surveyor?

Our land surveying team combines extensive experience with the latest technology to provide professional advice on all land development aspects.

We fully understand all the land development constraints that can occur and are conversant in managing these aspects in the design and construction phases. Developing land is costly, and the quality of work that goes into planning and preparation is crucial to any project’s success.

Our survey teams use a range of technology to measure and set out land form and infrastructure.

Services commonly provided are:


  • Cross leases – conversion to freehold and plan amendments
  • Green field subdivision
  • Hypothetical subdivision for valuation purposes
  • Infill subdivision
  • Rural subdivision
  • Unit title subdivision


  • As Built
  • BOMA (building lease areas)
  • Easements
  • Height to boundary certifications
  • Legalisation for crown purposes
  • Redefinition of cadastral boundaries
  • Set out
  • Topographical